Mahira Khan is no longer the female lead of Asim Raza's Parey Hat Luv

Published 26 Jun, 2018 05:56pm

Images Staff

Sorry 7DMI fans, we won't see Mahira and Shehreyar together in the film anymore

Looks like we won't see the 7DMI couple Mahira Khan and Shehreyar Munawar Siddiqui star again in Asim Raza's next, Parey Hat Luv.

Director Asim Raza confirmed to Images that a conflict of dates is behind her departure from the rom-com.

"Due to the health reasons of our writer [Imran Aslam], the film was postponed indefinitely. Now we're back on track, the delay in dates has resulted in a change of cast."

Reports say that Maya Ali has now signed on to play the female lead of Parey Hat Luv. Her rep confirms, "Maya is now playing the lead against Shehreyar."

It's also said that Mahira will make a special appearance in the film, but her exact role is being kept tightly under wraps.

Speaking to Images while announcing the film, director Asim shared, "Parey Hat Luv is a contemporary romantic comedy primarily set in Pakistan and Europe. The basic premise of the film is an unlikely romance between a young free-willed, commitment phobic man and a beautiful, strong-willed woman as they happen to meet and fall in love over a series of unplanned encounters."

"The story plays on an underlying fear of today’s generation; committing to anything in life. Written by the seasoned writer, Imran Aslam, the story promises to be a two-hour journey of romance, emotion, drama and witty puns."