Pakistani celebs are finally opening up about depression

Updated 11 Jun, 2018 11:21am

Images Staff

We're finally having an open discussion about depression in Pakistan but the conversation must lead somewhere

The shocking loss of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain to suicide last week has forced people around the world to confront some hard realities about mental illness. Like the fact that seemingly happy and successful people may suffer in the grips of depression. Or that despite living in the information age, there is little actual awareness about the disease.

The conversation continues in Pakistan, where celebs and other prominent personalities are trying to call attention to the hidden nature of depression and in some cases, open up about their own experiences.

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Celebs like Meesha Shafi and Mahira Khan have stressed on the need for more outreach:

Frieha Altaf delivered some cold, hard facts:

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Shahbaz Taseer shared his personal experience of battling suicidal thoughts when he was in Taliban captivity (read the whole thread here):

Armeena Rana emphasised that even people who appear tough can suffer from depression:

Reham Khan provided a reality check — the taboo surrounding and culture leading to depression is tough to break: