We're all for power dressing, folks!
We're all for power dressing, folks!

It's time for a wardrobe change, according to our three divas.

You probably followed their Cannes journey scrolling through their endless looks on social media, clicking a heart here, tagging a friend there and thought yay or nay.

But we picked up on a thing or two... or six. Here's what we learnt from their styles.

1. A basic white shirt is a girl's best friend

All three stars paired a classic white shirt with jeans and rocked it. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe it's L’Oréal.

Sometimes it's all about being understated. Learn from the best: keep it simple like Mahira or add a pop of (lip) colour like Sonam or throw on some bling like Deepika. Either way, you can't go wrong with this.

2. Pyjamas as partywear is still a thing

It's too hot to wear anything but pyjamas, so why not wear one to a day event? Mahira shows how to wear one without making it look like you rolled straight out of bed... though sometimes you can also work a messy bedhead.

3. Power dressing is in

Angelina Jolie's been killing it on the red carpet with her power dressing and Mahira and Deepika have picked up on it. The stars makes the suit look powerful yet sexy. Don't be mistaken, wearing a suit means so much more than only business.

Whether it's oversized sunnies, a dress with breast pockets or an ensemble that makes a statement, any bold look that turns heads and makes you stand out among a crowd is in!

4. Flirty florals are out

These scream grandma! Mahira and Deepika have no doubt worn these larger than life dresses with grace, but that's the problem... they're drowning in cloth... it's just too overwhelming...

Plus these floral prints look like bedsheets. Oops, did we say that out loud?

5. Bespoke desi couture can work better than western wear bought off the rack

That chic sari Mahira wore and Sonam's glamorous lehenga choli were head-turners - no joke. Both stars kept their hair simple and left the dress do the talking. Yeah, we're feeling this.

6. Always have a backup outfit in place

Always, always, always have a backup of a backup of a backup, this is something we've learnt the hard way! And so did Mahira... not that we can compare our fashion crisis to her... because Cannes... and a local fashion show just don't compare.

Anyway, Mahira looked amazeballs in this black dress.