Deepika's Cannes looks ranked from best to worst

Updated 11 May, 2018 05:58pm

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We were hoping she'd surprise us at Cannes this year, but her fashion game has been pretty lukewarm

We rank her looks, from best to worst. Take a look.
We rank her looks, from best to worst. Take a look.

Deepika Padukone's transition to Hollywood has put her in the limelight and now that she's invited to prestigious events in the West, we've got our eyes on her.

After the star's safe red Prabal Gaurang gown at the MET, we were hoping she'd surprise us at Cannes Film Festival this year, but in the three days since Deepika has been at the event, her fashion game has been pretty lukewarm.

We rank her looks, from best to worst. Check ‘em out.

Best looks

Deepika in Zuhair Murad

Though this lacey number is highly reminiscent of the white Sabyasachi Mukherjee gown she wore to the IIFA's in 2016, we still think this is one of her best looks at Cannes. It hugs her in all the right places and her side swept hair with soft waves works well with the dress.

Deepika in Frame jeans and Anthony Thomas Melillo (ATM) tee

Basic af but always a classic. While she could've amped it up with accessorises... since it is the Cannes, we love the flared jeans and the whole hippie vibe going on.

Deepika in Mao

This ultraviolet power suit gives Deepika all the pizzazz she needs. Her straight, sleek hairdo and fierce eye makeup add definition to her look. We approve.

Worst looks

Deepika in TOME

We don't know if looking like a candy cane is such a good look for Cannes. It's an alright dress for a trailer launch or something but it didn't exactly wow us. We're all for rocking stripes but this just felt like an overdose and drowned her toned arms. We'll pass.

Deepika in Philosophy

Deepika fails to impress in this patterned pink and black chiffon gown. This Philosophy ensemble does her no favours and paired with those earrings... it's a no.

Deepika in Monique Lhuillier

The star is drowning in cloth. The cape, the bow, the loose waves - she looks like Morticia Addams from a parallel universe. Sorry Deepika you could've done much better.