Updated 11 May, 2018

You know what PIA will actually be good at? Stand-up comedy.

In its latest tweet, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has asked its passengers to arrive at the newly constructed Islamabad International Airport five hours prior to their international departures.

They claim this comes as a "security check"... and that "your convenience is our topmost priority", however people aren't buying it.

They've flooded the airline's Twitter post with hilarious comments... because if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?


This person took 'Ticket katao aur line banao' a bit too seriously.

If you've taken PIA a few too many times, you know this to be true.

...And some had other battles to fight.

Update: The airline has since withdrawn their statement. A PIA spokesman said the letter was mistakenly released; therefore, passengers are requested to follow the old timing to reach the airport.