Here's a sneak peek at PIA's new uniforms

Here's a sneak peek at PIA's new uniforms

Nomi Ansari's latest design opens to mixed reviews
Updated 11 Aug, 2016

A new menu, new uniforms, new Premier service; PIA is pulling all stops in its attempt for an image makeover.

Late last month, it was announced that PIA had added three new planes to its fleet, which will be launched on Aug 14th under the banner PIA Premier.

Flight stewardesses of the same exclusive service will get a fashion makeover, dressed in uniforms by Nomi Ansari and a scarf print by Sania Maskatiya. About time too.

In an effort to revamp its doddering antiquated image, a fashion show had been organized in March last year by the authorities at Pakistan International Airlines, showcasing 16 designers’ proposed designs for updated flight crew uniforms. It was planned that the uniforms selected were going to be worn from 14th August 2015 onwards.

The implementation of the designs has been delayed by a year, now to be worn from 14th August of this year. Oh well, we’re used to PIA’s delays.

Nomi Ansari, the designer behind the new uniforms, who also won the design for PIA's uniform last year, shared a picture of PIA Premier flight attendants' redesigned attire.

They are due to make their first appearance in flights bound for London. “There are three color-ways; mushroom-green, navy and maroon. Different hues are going to be worn by the lower ground staff, the cabin crew and the pursers,” Nomi tells Images.

“The shirt has a straight princess-cut and it’s paired with a tailored jacket that can be taken off. The straight pant that we showcased in the fashion show has been replaced by a narrow tailored shalwar. I have also devised the draping and pleating of the head-scarf so that it can be worn under the airhostess- cap, covering the head, and can also be wound round the neck.”

The print of the head-scarf is designed by Sania Maskatiya, taking inspiration from her ‘Uraan’ collection.

“The scarf is made with crepe and there are digitally-printed birds on it and a black and white geometric border,” says the designer. “We have three different colors, for different levels of the staff hierarchy. I have also designed the apron to be worn by the stewardesses and its design emulates my collection ‘Naqsh’. It has a sky-line etched onto it in digital print, featuring the Minaar-e-Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum.”

PIA spokesman Danyal Gilani admitted that when they shared a sneak peek of the new uniforms on Twitter, "the response hadn't been great."

Some people aren't too revved about the new uniforms.

But others are.

Including Sharmila Faruqui.

However, he feels the counter feedback is owing to the quality of the picture.

But that's not the only upgrade the new airline airline will see. PIA has also unveiled a new logo for the Premier flight:

Maheen Khan is clearly not a fan.

Shiny designer-made uniforms are all well and good. It is true that the airline staff that represents Pakistan to the world should be well-dressed. But PIA needs so much more than just a peripheral revamp. A lot more new aircrafts and perhaps a new, more improved mindset is required. Come Independence Day this year, the PIA staff may be great to look at. But are they ‘great people to fly with’? Not yet.