The Pakistani gossip mill has gone into overdrive as far as filmstar Meera is concerned.

Rumours say that she's going to do a talk show called Coffee With Meera soon, that she might be moving to the States and that a film is being made on her life by none other than ad filmmaker Saqib Malik!

Well, we're here to bust that last rumour. In conversation with Images, Malik has denied that he's making a film on Meera.

"The news is incorrect," he said. "My film is categorically not based on Meera but a character drama based on a variety of social themes. And the script is still in the works."

He added that he'll announce more details about his film once the script and cast has been finalised.

So, it's safe to say that Saqib won't be the director to make Meera's biopic, but we feel someone should!

However, as far as her talk show is concerned, Meera is sure it will see the light of day.

In a quick chat with Images, she said, "We're currently developing the content for Coffee With Meera. I am going to do the show. I'll update my fans further at a later date."