Shaz Khan and Zara Noor Abbas are set to star in upcoming drama Lamhe

Published 30 Apr, 2018 01:18pm

Irfan Ul Haq

Shaz Khan will be struggling with his identity in 'Lamhe'

After Parwaaz Hai Junoon, Shaz Khan is returning to TV.

The actor has been cast in a HUM TV drama called Lamhe, in which he'll star alongside Zara Noor Abbas.

In conversation with Images, the Moor actor said he signed the drama because he was drawn to the story.

In Lamhe, his character's father is murdered, after which he is sent away to London by his grandmother. The drama, however, will focus on his return to Pakistan to tend to his grandmother and get in touch with his roots.

Shaz Khan is mainly known for his work in Pakistani cinema, even though he's worked in dramas before. However, for the actor, a role is a role. He said, "I don't distinguish between drama and film. For me, as an actor, the approach is the same. That being said, I feel it's more demanding to act for TV because in film, we shoot three to four scenes a day. Dramas are more intense and demand many more scenes in a day. It's almost thrice the number of scenes than a film's shoot."

But he has some tricks up his sleeve that make the process easier for him: "As an actor, we have to do our homework and be prepared so that we are relaxed during the shoots and can portray our characters with ease. That's when you start discovering the depths of your character and the story."

Lamhe will be televised later this year.