So OKB is the only celebrity who has something to say about the #MeToo movement in Pakistan

So OKB is the only celebrity who has something to say about the #MeToo movement in Pakistan

Other celebs like Urwa Hocane have also voiced their support but not as strongly as actor Osman Khalid Butt
Updated 20 Apr, 2018

Yesterday marked a milestone in the #MeToo movement in Pakistan, with prominent singer Meesha Shafi coming forward with the allegation that popular actor and musician Ali Zafar had sexually harassed her.

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Her tweet sent shock waves through Pakistani social media and divided their fans. But what of the celebrities — Meesha's peers in the industry, Ali's peers in the industry...

They've maintained a stony silence so far.

All except for actor/writer Osman Khalid Butt, who offered clear and unflinching support to Meesha Shafi, the first to share her #MeToo story from within the entertainment industry.

Osman had earlier also showed support by posting an excerpt of Meesha's interview with Images.

He also points out how it's about time we understand how victim blaming works.

OKB even called out commentors on bestie Maya Ali's post about the matter, which was in support of Ali Zafar.

Might be an indirect jab but we're glad he isn't holding back.

So far, Urwa is the only other celebrity to come out in support of Meesha, but with a generic message like hers, OKB is the only one who's taken such a strong stance.

While social media is oddly divided on the matter, we're still waiting on more celebs to speak up.


Moin Apr 20, 2018 10:02am
waqar zaka has also tweeted
Tariq Apr 20, 2018 10:25am
This should not the case of mere publicity if there is some thing then one must come with proof otherwise it no good to inflict damage to anyone without any evidence to try in court.
Khurram Apr 20, 2018 11:21am
Ali Zafar for sure is guilty. I've seen there are many people who are criticizing Meesha Shafi that she has no proof, she is doing all that for publicity etc. First of all, Meesha does not need this negative publicity. It was really bold of her to expose and name the person who is such a big celebrity. You need real guts as Ali Zafar is very well connected and can cause real harm to meesha Shafi's image. So she had everything to lose if she did this just for publicity. Secondly these things like touching someone without permission cannot have proof. But when you have several people from different background saying the same thing, it means there is something wrong with the person they accuse of. Harvey Weinstein was judged guilty based on that. Tailor Swift just won a case against a photographer who touched her just based on the fact that Ms Swift had nothing to gain from this accusation so she must be saying the truth. Take away your biases and look at this objectively.
Mansur Ul Haque Apr 20, 2018 06:45pm
I know for sure that alot of fingers will be pointed towards Meesha but one thing is for sure that in future Ali Zafar and many more celebraties think twice to take advantage against girls. Well done Meesha! and encourage other ladies to raise your voice against these criminals. Forget about the court and police. We all have our sisters and mother's .You have done favor to us. Thank you Meesha.
M. Saeed Apr 20, 2018 07:42pm
OKB is right.
ALi Apr 23, 2018 12:01pm
Ali Zaffar once while performing on the stage called a girl on the stage, following which was done by Shah Rukh Khan, and tried to kiss her, but the girl slapped her. That incidence was reported in the newspapers that time. I also have feelings that Ali is guilty. I am not blaming him on a solid ground, but it is more than meets the eye...