Marvel's releasing Infinity Wars earlier because Iron Man said so

Published 02 Mar, 2018 06:20pm

Images Staff

Avengers: Infinity Wars will now be releasing on April 27th rather than May 4th

Who can say no to Iron Man?
Who can say no to Iron Man?

Remember when we were irked about Avengers: Infinity Wars releasing on Star Wars day?

No? Just us? Moving on.

Marvel took to their social media to promote the release of the film.

But it looks like Robert Downey Jr was impatient to see the film... Or maybe he didn't want the film releasing on May the Fourth just like us... We know there are many like us out there!

The Iron Man actor responded to Marvel's tweet, asking if he could see it sooner and Marvel was happy to comply to Tony Stark's wishes.

Marvel was willing to have a special screening for the Avengers...

,,, But RDJ had something bigger in mind. And Marvel loved the idea!

Thats right! Instead of May 4th, Avengers: Infinity Wars is hitting cinemas on April 27th worldwide! Thanks Tony Stark! Now please join forces with Captain America again and save the world!