The smoked pulled beef platter was served in a make-your-own-taco style.
The smoked pulled beef platter was served in a make-your-own-taco style.

Meat The Cheese has to be Karachi's newest underdog restaurant.

They serve a mean steak and top it (or its sides) with delicious raclette cheese, so we were sold on both their concept and their food quality. After about three months into operation, the restaurant is now set to introduce new items on the menu and happy memories of our last trip had us venturing to Meat The Cheese to try out the new goodies.

The latest additions all have one thing in common: they're items that can be shared between two or more people. We're not complaining. More sharing means more tasting.

Look at that crust!
Look at that crust!

First up isthe stuffed fried chicken which is a generous serving of fried chicken fillet stuffed with six kinds of cheese. If you think that's too much, the chicken comes drowned in a cheesy sauce made of the same cheese blend, with toasted bread to dip. Despite the seemingly overdose of cheese, the dish was very well balanced. The crust on the chicken was crispy and crunchy and seasoned well. What we loved was that the whole meal was not heavy at all and that makes for a great sharing dish.

Next up is the smoked pulled beef platter served in a make-your-own-taco style. The pulled beef had a very smokey yet desi flavour which we did enjoy. The dish came with a blue cheese sauce and fresh vegetables that added a much needed crunch.

While it's a nice meal to try, we weren't as hooked to it as the rest of the dishes. We're always on the hunt for good pulled beef and the taco platter style doesn't really satiate that craving. We'd like to see the restaurant have maybe a pulled beef burger, on which we could top the cheese on. Yum... Okay we're getting distracted...

And last up, which is also our favourite from the new menu is the Chateaubriand steak, a prime cut steak - also our latest obsession at Meat the Cheese, actually. The dish makes for a dinner and a show and is enough for two.

The steak is served on a hot dish, hot enough for the steak to cook right in front of you. The steak is doused in hot butter, Parmesan and rocket, served with cherry tomatoes. And yes, that is more than enough to enjoy a good steak when the steak is of such good quality.

The meat was soft, tender and juicy and had us smiling throughout. We loved the steak at Meat The Cheese before but this reminded us why. We might be raving too much but we can't help it, we're smitten.

We ended our meal with dessert, because we can't resist. Meat The Cheese has no new dessert options so we went for their molten cake. While MTC never focused on their desserts, we were fairly impressed with how the cake was perfectly cooked and was free of the grainy sugary texture that most bad molten cakes have.

Meat The Cheese is launching the new menu this week and we suggest you try it out. You just might see us there for the steak.