Raj Kapoor reportedly refused to visit China because of his weight gain

Raj Kapoor reportedly refused to visit China because of his weight gain

The actor was invited to the country because his movies were a hit, but he turned down the offer
15 Feb, 2018

Did you know Bollywood's legendary actor Raj Kapoor couldn't face upsetting his fans due to his weight?

According to his son Randhir Kapoor, the star's films were widely popular in China, and when he was requested to visit the country, he refused. Raj’s reason? He had gained weight and thought that it might upset his fans to know he didn’t look like his younger, leaner self any longer.

"One day, he called me and said he got an invite to visit China because his films are very popular there and we all are going to China! He was very excited and so were we. While we were making arrangements, two days later he called me and said, ‘I am thinking, let's not go to China'. He said, 'They are in love with the Raj Kapoor of Awaara, Shree 420 and look at my size now! I don't look like that anymore'!" narrated Randhir.

Unlike his fans in China, Raj Kapoor's fans in Russia got to see him frequent their country.

"He said, 'Russia has been seeing me over the years in various sizes so they accept me even now, but I don't want to disappoint all my fans and break the image (in China). I am not the Raj Kapoor they think I am'," he added.

Before Aamir Khan, it was Raj Kapoor who was the king of Bollywood in China. "That was the actor in him speaking. He didn't go," said Randhir.

"All his life he never went to China. He is still very popular, his films are very popular. Now all our films are going there (China) but he was the pioneer who took our films there. But the actor in him didn't want to break the image."


Siddhartha S Feb 15, 2018 08:23pm
I recall talking to my colleague Oliver who came from China about Raj Kapoor's "Awara" during lunch just down the University Avenue at Stanford. Raj Kapoor was called "Laj", and Nargis by some Chinese name that I cannot recollect. Apparently, at his University, "Awara" was hotly discussed by the students. All boys supported Laj, Olly said; and all girls supported Nargis. Who was ideologically right in their filmy dispute was obviously a serious matter to the college going young people. Oliver suddenly started to sing "Awala HooN" as we walked out of the restaurant and crossed the University Avenue. He was totally lost in memories, and I had to physically pull him out of his reverie to safety.
Sajjad Kamran Feb 15, 2018 09:35pm
Raj Kapoor is one of the greatest actors of all times. He is an icon. I cannot forget his "Mera Naam Joker". A masterpiece !!!
A shah Feb 15, 2018 10:24pm
Sir you will always be a legend and China loves Indians
A shah Feb 15, 2018 10:25pm
The man is a living legend
Wonderjack Feb 16, 2018 01:02am
Even today his movies provide a great entertainment -- I totally love his acting. He was a genious
Onlooker Feb 16, 2018 06:07am
Raj Kapoor films touches hearts , so far I repeatedly saw his films and always feel better. at least it spreads a message of humane, a message of service to humanity, while love, and laughing stock too is there,RK will always be remembered as 'Filmy Gandhi ' Such guys never comes in 1000 years.