5 questions with (then) bride-to-be Saheefa Jabbar

5 questions with (then) bride-to-be Saheefa Jabbar

Can one rock short hair on a conventional event like their wedding? We asked Saheefa how she planned to work it
Updated 04 Dec, 2017

Model Saheefa Jabbar's attitude to style and life is refreshingly unconventional, so when news of her wedding was revealed, the question we wanted to ask was: how she'd approach this most conventional of moments?

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For Pakistani brides the norm is to grow your hair long for a wedding, but then again Saheefa wasn't your typical bride on her big day.

We got in touch with the newly wed days before her shaadi this weekend, here's what she had to say about busting the heavy expectations lumped on a bride on her wedding day.

Images: How did you meet your fiancé?

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak: Khizr was my senior at Beaconhouse National University (BNU). We were doing our honours in Business/Economics. We've been friends for quite a long time.

Images: Was it love at first sight?

SJK: No, we were just friends. Like, really good friends. I remember I used to find girls for Khizr. In fact, I found two really pretty girls for him and both turned out to be engaged! That was pretty funny.

Saheefa and Khizr on their nikkah.
Saheefa and Khizr on their nikkah.

Images: Will we see a lot of celebrities at your wedding?

SJK: Yes, a few people who are really close to me. Like Fahad Bhai from Citrus Talent, Rubab, Anum, Ferwa. Shani Bhai is my mentor, my bara bhai, so all of them will be there. I'd make their lives hell if they didn't show their faces at my wedding.

Images: What do you find to be your fiancé's best qualities?

SJK: There are so many such qualities. He is one patient guy. He respects me the most. I've known so many boys, so many people. He is one of those guys who respects for the way I am. He never wants me to change. He never asked me to leave my career. He's never doubted me nor questioned me.

He's the only person in this entire world who always had faith in me. Even when I was nominated at the Hum style Awards, he told me that I know the award is yours. I don't need to know the results; I know you're winning. He always had faith in me and he knew that whatever I do, I'll do it right.

The lovely couple on their dholki.
The lovely couple on their dholki.

Images: Can you tell us what you're wearing on your special day?

SJK: Something happened very randomly. Initially, I didn't want to take favours from a designer. I really wanted to do it my way.

When I went to the market and saw all the hassle [of getting a wedding jora made], I decided I need to give my outfit to somebody. I just invited Fahad Hussayn to my wedding and he asked if he should be deciding my outfit. He said he would love to do it. So he's designed it. It's in my wardrobe already.

Images: Are you having a lot of wedding events?

SJK: Shani Bhai has planned one dholki and one of my cousins brought mayun for me because they really wanted me to act like a larki. Till today, I haven't worn a peela jora! My mother and father are dying to see me in mehndi, which I'm really against. But I might end up with mehndi as well.

The beautiful couple looked elegant on their reception.
The beautiful couple looked elegant on their reception.

Images: A short-haired bride is a rare sight in Pakistan and we're looking forward to you rocking that do on your big day. How do you plan to style your hair?

SJK: My father only requested one thing of me. He said, "For God's sake, child, look like a woman on your wedding day."

That was hilarious to me. Everyone in my family and in-laws have been asking if I'll wear a wig or get extensions. But I feel the best look is your own, so I'm going to come in my own curls. Most probably, Shafeh bhai is doing my hair and I'll be doing my own makeup. I don't want to be one of those cakey brides who end up spending a handsome amount on their makeup which they'll wash after two to three hours. You'll be seeing the natural Saheefa. It will be very unconventional.

Images: How did you decide on your wedding style? Did you have a clear-cut vision in mind from the start? Or was it a slow process of discovery?

SJK: Khizr and I have been dating for a year and a half. And from the first day of our relationship, we knew we're going to get married.

Still, I never thought about the outfit. I randomly went and got some fabric. Khizr wanted me to wear a certain colour, so I got that. I told Fahad Hussayn that I want something very simple. That's all there is to it. I still don't have my shoes or handbag. I'm not panicking over my look, even though it's my day. I'm more concerned about what other people are wearing because I want them to follow the white/gold theme I had in mind.

Look who was at their wedding to celebrate! Sadaf Kanwal!
Look who was at their wedding to celebrate! Sadaf Kanwal!

Images: We hope to see you continue modelling after your marriage?

SJK: Why is this even a question? Why do people feel I need to get permission from my husband or his family?

I think it's my life and that shouldn't change after getting married. I have my own soul, my own body — I don't give anybody any charge over them. No matter what happens.

In short, I'll keep modelling. It's my passion and I don't want to leave it.