Malala makes it to Bazaar's 150 Visionary Women list

Malala makes it to Bazaar's 150 Visionary Women list

The magazine's list celebrates the most influential women in the UK
17 Nov, 2017

Harper's Bazaar UK commemorated its 150th anniversary year with a list "celebrating the most influential female leaders in the UK."

And guess what? Malala Yousafzai's on it.

The magazine's Bazaar 150 Visionary Women list calls these women "forward-thinking, high-achieving and inspirational role models to women everywhere," and there's little doubt that Malala has earned her spot on it.

The youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate has been honoured for playing an active role towards female education in Pakistan and opening a school for Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon. Listed under the 'Opinion Formers' category, Malala joins the likes of Amal Clooney, Emma Watson and J.K. Rowling.

Other women of prominence who have also been listed are Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge), Victoria Beckham and Kate Winslet. Full list here.

Malala is currently enrolled at Oxford University and is studying for the PPE degree (Politics, Philosophy and Economics).


shalabh A B Nov 17, 2017 09:06am
She is more of a Model than activist. She is enjoying the fame right now.
Satish Chopra Nov 17, 2017 09:16am
I salute to the very spirit of young Malala. Good education and affordable healthcare are the primary requisites of a civilised society. I wish all the success to Malala and other like minded persons. Best wishes.
Tayab Nov 17, 2017 09:31am
Its time we recognize her sacrifices, spirit and resolve . Celebrate her achievements as a Pakistani role model.
SAK Nov 17, 2017 09:46am
It is more of a West sponsored drama than reality. She and her family especially her father are being used as a tool in the hands of anti Pakistan forces world wide otherwise she has no potential in any form or capacity to the present status.
NoNAme Nov 17, 2017 10:59am
I will truly respect her if she can go back to Pakistan to work. Edhi is the person I truly respect.
Silent observer Nov 17, 2017 11:39am
Pakistanis are proud of her.
Hasan Nov 17, 2017 01:13pm
Congratulations Malala, although we don't need some western source to tell us how powerful your impact has been, both in Pakistan and beyond. You're a tribute to our nation. It cheers me up even more that a vocal minority of Pakistani boys are going to feel the burn about this. Bitterness, jealousy, insecurity...all those "manly" qualities are about to come out in these comments, I'm sure of it... Hasan
Khwarizmi Nov 17, 2017 02:12pm
Exactly how has Malala helped Pakistani girls to achieve more education? Which practical work has she done? I would like to know.
Ali Nov 17, 2017 02:38pm
Somehow she is a controversial figure now.
muhram lashari Nov 17, 2017 03:09pm
Malala is great women .
Ravi van couver Nov 17, 2017 09:24pm
Most Pakistanis are proud of her. She is bringing out the problems of gender differences and lack for education for children in some countries. I wish security situation in Pakistan will soon enable her to return to her native country and do social work there.
ahamed Nov 18, 2017 06:35pm
@SAK What nonsense. The world has given her the respect that Pakistan could not give her. Honor her. Let her finish her studies. She is Pakistani and can do good work even by being away. Be proud of this young lady and supportive parents. It is not easy with people like you.