20 Oct, 2016

The world's youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and gamer Sumail Hassan have now made it to Times' 30 Most Influential Teens of 2016.

Sumail Hassan, now 17, won his team Evil Geniuses the Defense of the Ancient 2 (Dota 2) Asian championship in China last year when he was just 15 years old. The team bagged $1.2 million in prize money at the competition.

"Hassan has become the youngest person ever to earn $1 million playing competitive video games, making him a phenomenon in the rapidly growing world of 'e-sports'," states the publication's website.

The child prodigy moved to the US in 2014 and spent some of his winnings - now at $2.3 million and counting - to buy a house for his family.

Nobel laureate, Malala Yousafzai has been fighting for girls' right to education for almost a decade now. Her organisation The Malala Fund has received funding from famous personalities worldwide. Currently, the 19-year-old is working towards urging "world leaders to set aside $1.4 billion this year toward educating young refugees," says Times.

Malala was shot by Taliban when she was 11 years old for braving against the ban on girls' education in her hometown Swat.

The Times' annual list includes children from the tender age of 14. The criteria to be a part of this list, Times shares, is: 'we consider accolades across numerous fields, global impact through social media and overall ability to drive news.

Here's the complete list:

Maddie Zielger, 14

Skai Jackson, 14

Logan Guleff, 14

Gaten Matarazzo, 14

Sasha Obama, 15 and Malia Obama, 18

Rachel Zietz, 16

Laurie Hernandez, 16

Kiara Nirghin, 16

Chloe Kim, 16

Yara Shahidi, 16

James Charles, 17

Gavin Grimm, 17

Amandla Stenberg, 17

Ben Pasternak, 17

Zara Larsson, 18

Yusra Mardini, 18

Jaden Smith, 18

Shawn Mendes, 18

Luka Sabbat, 18

Katie Ledecky, 19

George Matus, 19

Maisie Williams, 19

Simone Biles, 19

Camila Cabello, 19

Chloe Grace Mortez, 19

Barbie Ferreria, 19

Kylie Jenner, 19


MAK Oct 20, 2016 02:41pm
Silver linings , beacon of hope in otherwise widespread gloom, God bless them
Starzan90210 Oct 20, 2016 02:45pm
Lovely! Wonderful! Keep shining! Keep smiling! MashaAllah!
Amer Rao Oct 20, 2016 03:17pm
Inspiration for many, MashaAllah
Vivek (Indore) Oct 20, 2016 04:01pm
Malala, the girl who won Nobel prize, gained fame, became a millionaire and now lives In the UK. cool
Zara Oct 20, 2016 06:07pm
Many Congrats to both of you! We are so proud of you...stay blessed!
Kamal Pasha. Oct 20, 2016 06:16pm
@Vivek (Indore) , You are jealous . Every Indian is dying to go to UK , even the rich Indians.
MJ Khan Oct 20, 2016 07:29pm
I play the game of DOTA 2 which consists of a team of 5 players. Evil Geniuses has Sumail Hassan - a pakistani and Sahil Arora - an Indian with 3 other whites. Its an american team. Unfortunately there are a lot more professional Indian players in the scene, but there is only one pakistani.
Abdulkarim Oct 20, 2016 08:56pm
I don't get it how you can comparea gamer with a Nobel laurette.One played games while the other fought for the right to get education and got a shot on the head. And then I see Sasha and Malia Obama have have done nothing but happened to be a presidents daughters.This really isn't fair.
mdawg Oct 21, 2016 01:32am
lovely absoulutely lovely and true
Kroner Oct 21, 2016 01:36am
She deserves to be rich, after all she faced. She stood up and braved it all, and I am happy for her, saying she is only a Pakistani is an understatement. She is the symbol of mankind and resilience, fearless, and the zeal to stand up against what is wrong is the hope of mankind and for the millions of Pakistani's who should do it right and get inspired by her.
Umreekan_Sundi Oct 21, 2016 02:27am
And both are no longer in country... Unfortunately
Ketan Patel Oct 21, 2016 09:21am
@Vivek (Indore) She got mostly for her stand against terror when terror were all around her and for getting shot. People get millions for petty stuff and crimes, but her millions are well desevert
Arun Oct 21, 2016 12:07pm
Great!!!!!! Long Way to Go Pakistani Youth Stars!!!!!! Love From India
A Oct 21, 2016 08:44pm
is there any indian in the list