9 annoying things you're doing on social media that you need to stop right now

9 annoying things you're doing on social media that you need to stop right now

Cyber freedom can really bring out the douche in some people, or the creep, or the annoying... or all of that at once
Updated 12 Nov, 2017

Cyber freedom can really bring out the douche in some people, or the creep, or the annoying... and sometimes, all of that at once.

Online spaces are becoming more like the offline spaces, and people are, slowly but surely, getting a grasp of it. Like when you get into a spat with a coworker online, there is difficulty in carrying on the relation offline. Or when you add someone to your Facebook for networking, they get too close and go on a liking spree. Like bro, calm down.

And then there are those who use social media for fun and jokes, except they actually make fun of people in photos and videos made without consent.


Here are a few social media behaviours that need to be outgrown, pronto!

1) Making videos of strangers just to spice up your SnapChat

If you have a smart phone and you are privileged, or famous, please don't be making videos or taking pictures of random people without their consent. And definitely not to make fun of them or their situation or their face?

Ahem Hania Amir.

While we understanding this was not a case of harassment, it definitely was an abuse of privilege. Not funny.

2) Taking selfies in inappropriate places

Who can forget Komal Rizvi's ill-timed selfie with then ailing (late) Edhi sahab. Like, you're trying to forget it, but it's a failed attempt, much like that selfie was...

It's not the right time for a selfie.

3) Trolling people from fake IDs and anonymous accounts

If you're gonna hate on someone, at least have the courage to come out from behind your anonymous online persona.

4) Mocking people just because you can

Yes, we all love a good meme. But we should stick to material that's already in the public eye rather than taking pictures of unsuspecting strangers on the street and turning them into the GIF of the day.

Also, why would anyone think making a SnapChat story to poke fun at someone's poverty is funny?

5) Commenting on the public pictures of people you aren't friends with

We're looking at you, doctor.

If an individual hasn't added you back on Facebook, take this as sign that they don't want you in their online space. Please don't start commenting on the few pictures that may be available on a public setting. This is just creepy. No.

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6) Insulting someone's physical appearance, friends or otherwise

You know when you post a picture at 7.49pm and get a comment at 7.50pm saying "Wow you've gained weight?"

Annoying right? Don't do it. Take a leaf out of Mawra Hocane's book and spread positivity, not hate.

7) Private messaging women you don't know at all

This is exasperating. No one wants to wake up in the morning to random "Hello hw ru" messages on in their Facebook or Instagram inboxes. Because this is what it looks like:

And this is what it makes you look like:

NOTE: Don't contact people you don't know unless you have a good reason. Good reasons to drop someone a message include requesting professional/industry information and other non-creepy activities.

8) Unnecessarily tagging 37 people in your social media posts

We all know that one person who will tag their entire khaandan and their hairstylist's third cousin on a random news article about Donald Trump.

9) Creating Whatsapp groups just because

Some people will create WhatsApp groups just to wish everyone on their contact list 'Eid Mubarak.' Yes, believe it, it's happened to us.

In conclusion, safe to say, all of this leaves us ─ feeling annoyed with 299 others.