'Power Di Game's such a powerful song that Shoaib Mansoor's decided that it deserves two videos.

The rap number, written by Mansoor and performed by Islamabad-based musician Xpolymer Dar, was the soundtrack of Verna's first teaser — and now forms the aural backdrop of a power struggle between Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid's characters, which is dramatised in the just-released official music video of the song.

The relationships between Verna's characters can hardly be called cookie-cutter and if you haven't quite wrapped your head around Mahira and Haroon's dynamic, here's another piece of that puzzle:

Verna stars Mahira Khan as a rape survivor, while Haroon Shahid plays her husband. The tension between their characters is evident in Verna's trailer and this latest vid again suggests that Mahira and Haroon's lovey-dovey days were short-lived.

Verna will release on November 17.