My tweet wasn't meant to suggest privilege: Sharmeen Obaid breaks silence on harassment claim

Updated 13 Dec, 2017 03:51pm

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In a note posted on Twitter, Sharmeen clarifies her earlier tweets and stands by her statement

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has been the topic of much controversy since tweeting about her sister's encounter with an Aga Khan University doctor who added her on Facebook soon after he examined her.

She termed the incident 'harassment' and said she will take action against it.

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The incident led to the doctor allegedly being let go from the hospital - though AKU refused to either confirm or deny the rumours. Sharmeen's tweets have since created a hue and cry on social media in Pakistan, with some debating the term 'harassment', some calling out the Oscar-winner for referencing her familial connections, and with some going as far as to offer the accused doctor a job.

Now, the Oscar-winner has broken her silence on the matter with a statement posted on Twitter.

Sharmeen's note shared on Twitter
Sharmeen's note shared on Twitter

In the statement Sharmeen admits her words were "poorly chosen" and says she regrets that the backlash against her has obscured the real issue: that of harassment of women and the abuse of a doctor-patient relationship.

She clarifies that the doctor in question added her sister on Facebook and commented on her photographs, and once again called out this behaviour as a violation of a professional code of conduct. She states that AKUH is carrying out its own independent investigation.

She also reiterates that she will never stay silent where issues of harassment are concerned, and further states that we must support women when they speak out against harassment instead of drowning out their voices.

Will this statement satisfy Sharmeen's detractors? We think it ought to.