Bollywood star Anushka Sharma and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli took their off-screen romance onscreen in this ad for Mohey, an Indian clothing brand making celebration wear for women.

We try really hard not to say couple goals but this is totally couple goals!

The duo's chemistry is on-point. Virat looks sharp and Anushka's gorgeous with her usual feisty self. The ad starts with Anushka sitting with Virat, both visibly bored at a wedding, contemplating over the seven vows couples exchange during a typical Hindu marriage ceremony.

But they do it with a twist, pun intended.

Mild undertones of sexism and typical unhealthy behaviours in relationships excluded, the ad feels very millennial ... like Virat's first vow requires him to cook 15 days a month for Anushka and in return, Anushka says she'll eat without critiquing his culinary skills ...

It's incredibly lovely that the first vow is about food. Because, hungry... and millennial.

Twitter's having a ball with it too!

Like these users, who are full of admiration for the marketing team.

And this guy, who is all praise for the Virat of #Viruska

This one found relationship goals in the ad

And they cannot stop obsessing over how cute the two are!

They're 'cutehearts', as this user puts it.

Safe to say, the vows have been exchanged and Virushka fans can't wait to see their favs tie the knot in real life!