Sheikh Rashid's handbag is none of your business

Sheikh Rashid's handbag is none of your business

Is it a handbag? A man-purse? A shopping bag? Either way, the man has spoken
Updated 13 Sep, 2017

Sheikh Rashid has never been known to follow rules.

So why should he care about conforming to gender stereotypes when it comes to accessories... right?

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A picture of Sheikh Rashid carrying what appears to be a handbag has been shared on social media, with some people poking fun at the politician for carrying a 'ladies bag'.

But does the man care? No.

In fact, the Awami Muslim League leader worked it like a boss and was the first to share the pictures on Twitter.

Call it a handbag, a shopper or a man-purse, Sheikh Rashid is least bothered by people's comments on the matter and he proved it at a recent press conference when a reporter asked him about it.

"That was a shopper to hold a two-pound cigar, if my shopper looks like a purse then aap ka shukriya," he clarified.

And with a smile and swift salam he took his leave.

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