All the jokes about the font Calibri that you should read today

Updated 03 Jul, 2018 07:10pm

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Is this the moment every graphic designer always dreamed of?

Photo: From Twitter
Photo: From Twitter

'Calibri,' the font we all know so well, was thrust into the spotlight as the joint investigation team (JIT) report submitted to the Supreme Court (SC) on Monday used it as evidence that documents submitted by the Sharif family were doctored.

While there remains some dispute about whether the font was in fact available before 2007 or not, Pakistanis observing the proceedings of this case were quick to unleash their wit.

To some, Calibri was the undisputed champion...

...that took its opponents by surprise



Harsher still

Though this one might top them both

Some used this as teachable moment

We see what you did there!

There were Covfefe references

And expected puns

Who wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall?