Updated Jun 17, 2017 11:18am

Twitter agrees that a Pakistan-India cricket match is the biggest deal ever

And it's not just Pakistanis and Indians who feel this way!
And it's not just Pakistanis and Indians who feel this way!

There are no other words to describe it: they played like a team possessed.

Pakistan’s astounding victory over favourites England in the Champions Trophy semi-final at Cardiff on Wednesday has taken the green shirts to their first-ever final in the 20-year history of the tournament.

The rivals have never met in the final of a 50-over global tournament and so The Oval could now be set to host the most watched cricket match of all time.

Safe to say, this is a pretty huge deal. So much so that people on Twitter can't stop talking about it.

You know its gonna be a big one when the numbers are like this...

The match is so big everyone wishes they'd cashed in earlier

It's basically a giant holiday

When authors are tweeting about it

Lala agrees, this is a pretty big deal

The anxiety is just too much for some

Some people got cocky

While others were just plain savage

You know it's the real deal when Rishi Kapoor has a Twitter meltdown

May the best team win!


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