Promoting local art and culture across Pakistan and beyond

Promoting local art and culture across Pakistan and beyond

Alhamra Arts Council Executive Director explains his vision for the global spread of local art and culture
Updated 06 Aug, 2017

The Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture (Pilac) held a sitting in connection with Independence Day celebrations. The day-long sitting had three sessions of poetry and national songs.

Among the poets who read out their verses were Parveen Sajal and Dr Akhtar Shumar. The singers included Jamil Abbas, Zaman Abbas Lunaywala and Ustad Hamid Ali Khan. There was another poetry sitting as well which was convened by Naheed Talib. Ehsan Rana, a poet from Gujranwala, also participated in it. Other poets were Nargis Rehmat, Aftab Javed and Agha Naveed Qamar. Pilac also started fine arts classes. The stipulated period of each class will be three months.

Celebrating Pakistan’s 70th anniversary of independence, the Coke Studio will release the national anthem, sung by about 40 singers.

“By bringing together some of the biggest names in Pakistan’s music industry to sing our revered national anthem, we hope to rekindle the spirit of patriotism and social consciousness in the heart of every Pakistani. This is more significant now than ever as we are marking 70 years of our independence,” said a press release.

The music for Coke Studio’s rendition of the national anthem has been produced by Strings. Each participating singer and musician got deeply emotionally involved during the production, coming together as one force for this special production of the national anthem.

Cultural Attaché of Embassy of France, Olivier Huynh Van, called on Alhamra Arts Council Executive Director retired Captain Atta Muhammad Khan and discussed with him the emerging issues and hurdles in the way of promotion of arts and culture.

Mr Van is looking forward to organising a conference on arts and cultures.

Mr Khan welcomed Olivier Huynh Van and considered his offer one of the finest attempts to bring both Pakistani and French cultural close.

After the meeting, answering a question, Mr Khan elaborated his vision and exhibited his passion for the global spread of Pakistani art and culture.

Actress Humaima Malick’s upcoming movie, Sarman Munjha, is almost ready for release across the globe. Ms Malick has played the lead role in the film opposite Sanjay Dutt. It is a period film and a remake of Mother India. She will be seen in traditional Rajasthani attire and role. She sets in the role with finesse and ease despite playing a difficult and challenging role.

Sarman Munjha has a competent and head-turning cast with the likes of Paresh Rawal and Seema Biswas, known for their strong performances.

Originally published in Dawn, August 6th, 2017


Ehsan Aug 07, 2017 01:05am
Fail to understand, how the part about the Bollywood movie fits into this news report. I thought you were talking about Pakistani culture being exported, man you guys are so obsessed with Bollywood
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