Bummer. We were silently rooting for her.
Bummer. We were silently rooting for her.

It's been an ongoing debate since 2007, but Meera has now firmly denied all news of her intention to contest the 2018 elections.

"I'm tired of these false news, I'm extremely tired of them," she told Images while in Dubai.

"I had a meeting with Manish Malhotra in Dubai for the fashion show and my dress, and it's with a lot of sadness I have say that in Pakistan gandi khabrein are published about me, and [especially] when I'm not in Pakistan. These false news are published with my name on them."

Bummer. We were silently rooting for her.

Just so people were clear and had no more misconceptions, Meera tweeted her denial of the rumours and asked media houses to take down the news:

In 2007, Meera disclosed her decision to join politics and said she had offers from almost all major political parties to join. She said she was seriously considering joining a political party, though she did not disclose the name of any particular party she wished to join.

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However, in 2010 at a press meet, when she was posed with the question of whether she'll be joining politics, she retracted her decision and told reporters, "I'm an artiste and I'm happy with my career."

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2013 saw her flipflop, and publications reported that the actor had decided to participate in the upcoming elections. Reports stated that she will be a candidate from one of Lahore’s constituencies and might fight against a heavyweight of Pakistani politics - PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

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But we know Meera is full of surprises, she may just change her mind in 2018... let's wait and see.