Ali Noor's about to hit the big 4-0 this year and he's launched a video blog to chart the new journey he wishes to take in life.

He says in his first vlog, "This year I am turning 40 and I have decided to change a few things. I want to find a purpose in my life, I want to find a bigger reason to live, I want my life to be with you people so that we can start a journey together. To do things together, to explore things together, to find pleasures together, to find happiness together. This is my journey to find my real self."

To kick things off, the noori frontman sheds his long locks and shaves off his beard, both of which have been part of the grungy look he had going for him for a while. He takes viewers along on his trips to ace stylist Saima Rashid Bargfrede for his haircut and the slightly suspect Bobby Salon for his beard. He went around town showing off his new look to family and friends and the reactions are hilarious!

Fans also seem to be loving his new look:

Noor followed this up with an account of his celebration of Pakistan's cricket win yesterday:

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Looks like Noor's journey to find his true self is going to be a wild one.