Updated 11 May, 2017

Famed comedian Umer Sharif was rumoured to be severely unwell after his photograph in a hospital bed began circulating on social media today.

Screenshot from All Pakistan Drama Page
Screenshot from All Pakistan Drama Page

However, in a phone conversation with Images, Sharif's sister Khadija Mahmood has clarified that he is not suffering from a major sickness.

"He has a minor chest infection, that is all. Thankfully, he is recovering well and should be home in a day or two," Ms Khadija shared with Images.

She also expressed her disappointment that word of her brother's illness was blown out of proportion.

"I'd like to request people to not exaggerate news. Also, it is criminal that nurses or doctors in hospitals are able to take photographs of their patients and make them viral. Hospital administration should make an effort to check this unethical behaviour," she said.

In April, TV actor Nayla Jaffri was said to be in the last stages of ovarian cancer and in need of blood and funds, but that rumour turned out to be an exaggeration. Famous personalities like Adnan Siddiqui had shared news of the actor's deteriorating health on their Facebook pages which read: "B+ blood needed for Actress Nyla Jaffery. Admited in Liaquat National Hospital. Her cancer is in the last stage." However, Liaquat National Hospital denied these reports, stating she is neither in need for blood nor is her cancer in the last stage.

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Ms Khadija requested Umer Sharif's well-wishers to pray for his health and not worry. "He will be back among you soon," she assured his fans.