'No difference between politicians and us': Fakhr-e-Alam demands better security for artists

'No difference between politicians and us': Fakhr-e-Alam demands better security for artists

In a video, Fakhr-e-Alam calls for politicians to either provide artists with bullet proof cars or give up their own
24 Jun, 2016

Amjad Sabri's demise have left his friends in the artist community speechless and heartbroken, but some have now swung into action. In an open letter to the government, actor/host Fakhr-e-Alam has pointed out its unequal treatments of its citizens.

"The entire artist community is immensely sad and outraged about the martyrdom of Amjad Sabri, and has come to the realisation that there is no one to protect us," Fakhr-e-Alam begins.

He continues, "The problem is, when we raised this question in front of the government, VIPs and higher officials, as to why they receive top-notch security but [artists] don't, the answer we've received is that they are well-known and can be shot anywhere, which is why they have bullet proof cars and police escorts."

In the video, he is joined by fellow artists like Faysal Quraishi, Faakhir, Maria Wasti and Tipu Sharif.

"The burial of Amjad Sabri, attended by thousands, proves that he too was a high profile artist. So, my colleagues who stand with me and many more artists who are not present, we [would like to say that we] are also high profile and there is no difference between you and us."

Fakhr-e-Alam goes on to make this 'symbolic demand':

"Since we're also high profile, we also come on TV and more people know us than you, please provide us with the same bullet proof cars and the same police mobiles that follow you -- with the taxpayers money -- we all demand to be given the same security.

And if that is not possible, then you should return your bullet proof cars and your security personnel to the government, so that we [artists] are at peace that both of us are equally vulnerable on the streets of Karachi."

He closes his statement with an intimation of the artist community's next steps:

"If you fail to do this, then we will multiple our force and we will bring together the media and our fellow artists and take action against it.

So our request to you is, that either we are all provided with equal security or equal vulnerability, because we are all Pakistani citizens and all our lives are equally important."