Updated 26 Apr, 2017

Chalay Thay Saath was a long-awaited rom-com/road trip movie — and now that it's finally out, what are the cast and crew thinking? We found out.

Syra Shahroz reflected on her decision to sign on to the project: "I felt like [director Umer Adil and producer Beenish Umer] had a vision and this could be something good," she recalls.

Canadian-Chinese actor Kent S Leung thought the language barrier wasn't a big deal: "I actually really like performing what is non-verbal sometimes," he reveals.

Producer Beenish Umer couldn't get over this one difficult sequence: "We were in Hunza and sunrise was around 4:30. We got very little time to shoot a sequence! They had a flight to catch, we were on a clock and we had to send them because they would have missed their flights otherwise."

On the whole, the project was meant to "show a different kind of cinema that people will relate to rather than follow an international style," said director Umer Adil.

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