Adnan Sami's Snapchat tweet proves Pakistanis will never get over his 'new nationality'

Published 18 Apr, 2017 03:41pm

Images Staff

Pakistanis trolled the singer when he tweeted about Snapchat

Adnan Sami just doesn't have it easy.

The singer recently posted about his decision to uninstall Snapchat due to the remark made by the app's CEO.

Variety recently reported that a former Snapchat employee revealed CEO Evan Speigel had said, "This app is only for rich people. I don't want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain."

This caused an outrage as many Indians took to Twitter to express their anger. One of them was Adnan Sami.

Unfortunately for the singer, he ended up being trolled by the Pakistani Twitterverse.

The tweets had little to do with Snapchat and more to do with Adnan Sami's Indian nationality. There were harsh comments about the singer buttering up to the country he's now a citizen of.

This shows how the singer's decision to seek Indian citizenship is still not settling well with many here. From implications of being a traitor to assumptions of him needing validation from India, there were all sorts of remarks, many too vulgar to mention.

Adnan Sami had a response for the trolls.

The singer has come under attack many times with haters taking his words to mean something controversial or anti-Pakistan. A recent example was the LoC crossfire tweet. Some Pakistanis construed his salute to the Indian Army as an affront to Pakistan. Adnan Sami responded by reminding people how his tweet was about terrorism and had no mention of Pakistanis.

One thing's for sure, Adnan Sami definitely does not enjoy being trolled.