There is outrage in Pakistan and India, more so after the crossfire at LoC.

Sentiments are at an all-time high and a number of celebrities from both countries have chosen their stance. During such strained relations, all it takes is one tweet to aggravate an entire nation and that's exactly what Adnan Sami did.

The ex-Pakistani singer, who recently gained Indian citizenship last year, tweeted praise for the Indian armed forces and PM Narendra Modi.

Sami's tweet soon went viral and caused havoc on Twitter as people called him out for sharing sentiments with India and not Pakistan.

Before the matter could escalate, the 'Sun Zara' singer quickly responded to all the hate.

However, many were unconvinced by Sami's explanation.

Needless to say... Pakistanis are not happy.

Across the border though, he received lots of love from his Indian fans.

Here's how someone tried to explain it.