The Sketches
The Sketches

The film Cake has quite the star cast. Add to that 'The Sketches' for the film's music and you've got the entire industry buzzing.

Saif Samejo, founder of The Sketches, speaks to Images about what the band has in store for the audience.

"There will be four to five songs in the film," he reveals. "The songs are in Sindhi, Saraiki, Urdu and Hindi."

"We've written a few new songs and some we've reworked, [we've taken] some old poetry by Bulleh Shah and Khwaja Ghulam Farid and composed that. We've collaborated modern sound with the music of indigenous people; the bridging of these two distinct styles will be very interesting for the audience hopefully."

He explains that they've "engaged Pakistani and Nepali musicians" to give the music a feel "closer to classical alternative as well as folk."

"We have added some Nepali musicians Roshan Sharma, Umesh Pandit — these people will be playing the flute and Mohan Veena (an Indian classical instrument) as well as the [classical] guitar part. I'm sure the final sound will be very unique, we've added some American musicians too."

Delving into details of the musical elements in the songs, Samejo says, "Sarangi also has an important element [to play in the song] apart from the shallow violin -- which a Nepali singer played."

It may sound like a hodgepodge of different sounds, but he assures us that the music is "going to have very much a Pakistani sound, very close to the Sindhi indigenous feel, as well as Nepali."

And the entire experience has been like a 'reunion,' says the musician.

"We're doing something we haven't done before musically, the sound is challenging yet very experimental and as a band and musicians this is something we've enjoyed [over the past few months], fusing indigenous, folk to alternative. [And getting on board] musicians from other parts of world — it's a kind of a re-union after our music album 'YOU' but interesting and experimental is to create something you always wanted. It's a good feeling that our music will be featuring some top artists of Pakistan."

When asked about any upcoming projects they may have in the pipeline, he reveals they're not long-term planners.

"We have a couple of projects lined up; we're doing music for Cake, working on our second album, we're done with 6-7 songs for that."

Cake stars Adnan Malik, Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh. It is expected to release by late 2017/early 2018.