Local radio show's content was "disrespectful" to women, say outraged listeners

Updated 31 Mar, 2017 11:02am

Images Staff

On FM91's show 'Analyze It,' host Dr. Faisal Mamsa professed sexist views and promoted victim blaming, say listeners

Last night local radio listeners were perturbed and took to social media to protest the content in radio show Analyze It.

On FM91's radio show Analyze It, host and local psychiatrist Faisal Mamsa discussed "girls from middle-class families" and "what they are doing on Facebook."

According to listeners, Mamsa criticised women for dressing in western clothes and claimed that, by becoming westernised, the blame for harassment falls on them.

Listeners allege he went on to name women who have allegedly flirted with him, further saying that they were 'characterless.'

A listener, Sumaiya, took to social media to express her shock. She called out the radio channel for allowing such content to be on air, wondering why he was even hired. She quoted the psychiatrist as having said: "Middle class girls are getting westernised and it's their own fault if they get raped!"

Images spoke to Dr Mamsa with reference to last night's show, and he said: "Everything has been misquoted. Everything I spoke of [on my show], I have evidence for that. That's why I had to censor a majority of the show, because I could not share that evidence."

Listeners - both men and women - took to social media to express their anger.

A student, Zoha, came across the radio show and described her experience listening to it. She said, "I was on my way back from college switching through radio channels when I heard this RJ talk about women's issues. Initially I thought he'd have something important to say but two minutes into the show I realised that he is yet another sexist person who judges a woman's character by her clothes. As a woman I have never felt so enraged, especially since these views came from a seemingly educated man."

Another listener, Saad, called the psychiatrist out on his talk, saying, "One of the most nonsensical things the guy said was that he believed that women who flirted with men were characterless and were to be blamed for whatever happens to them, including having their pictures taken and made viral on the internet. He actually named some women who flirted with him! Apparently it was later censored. But come on, this is still a non-professional and sexist thing to have done at all!"

Saad adds, "He represents the exact type of person that becomes a hindrance for feminist movements and the type of person who supports the systematic oppression of women by blaming everything on them... I felt really angry when I heard of this. I felt the need to tell as many people as possible."

Dr Mamsa, however, says that he did not name any women during his show.

"Maybe he did not understand the concept of the show and got emotional about the show... I have not used names of girls who have flirted with me, that is a lie too."

Abbas, another very upset listener, took to Twitter to express himself.

Said Abbas, "Men like him bring shame to all of us men who aren't bigots and belittle women for our wrongs."

When contacted, producers at FM91 said they were unavailable for comment.

Further speaking to Images, Dr Mamsa said: "Unless and until someone listens to the whole show, they won't know... my comments have been taken out of context.... when you show people the reality of life, with proof, then they start to complain. I have nothing against women. I have always talked about empowering women. If I'm the sort who talks about empowering women, why would I say something cheap like that?"

He added, "Analyze It is a very well researched show. What ever I present has back up evidences. The objective of the show is to highlight what is going on at the psycho-social level. I also provide the solution to things that I think has psychological issue attached to it. The same was done on this show."

According to his FM91 website profile, Dr. Mamsa "discusses different problems, explores social issues and gives counseling to his listeners on air" on the show Analyze It.

However, it should be noted that Pakistani media is no stranger to sexism, there have been instances of politicians calling their female counterparts 'tractor trolley' and 'penguins' in the National Assembly. These few instances just go to show how women are constantly undermined in the public sphere.