Published Feb 15, 2017 02:00pm

Taher Shah's Valentine's surprise wasn't a song. It was a film announcement!

Taher Shah with film maker Avai d'Amico
Taher Shah with film maker Avai d'Amico

Viral sensation Taher Shah had promised us a Valentine's Day surprise.

We were curious: was he releasing a song? A music video? Would his luscious locks flow in the wind to celebrate love?

No, fellow Taher Shah...umm... fans? Taher Shah wanted to look you eye to eye (sorry) and tell you about his latest achievement. An award. For 'Angel'. At the Apex Short Film and Music Video Festival in Tucson, Arizona.

Watch it happen here:

The Apex film festival has indeed bestowed Taher Shah with an 'Iconic from the East award' for 'Angel'.

In the video, Taher Shah seems to have made an appearance at the festival, which had the organisers very excited. They even advertised him on their website as a surprise celebrity guest. Did you know it's very very hot in Arizona? We read somewhere extreme heat can lead to delusions.

At the festival, Taher Shah gave updates on the film project he announced in 2015. He said the Eye to Eye movie is happening and will be his Hollywood debut! We swear we aren't making this up.

In conversation with festival coordinator Avai d'Amico, Taher Shah revealed, "Story relate to a love story subject and my company will be produce it. And directed by yourself."

D'Amico, who has signed on as director on Taher Shah's film, confirmed that the project is underway.

So no music video from Taher Shah, but we might see a film some time in the future. Are we happy? Are we sad?


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The end is near Feb 15, 2017 02:09pm

Tahir shah's "eye to eye" movie will be a great hit. Good luck bro.

anees zed Feb 15, 2017 02:35pm

Only angels will be cast for the film.

Aan a Feb 15, 2017 02:44pm

Pride of Pakistan to the world

Aamer Feb 15, 2017 02:46pm

I hate it

fairy Feb 15, 2017 02:57pm

just wow. Despite all the criticism and ridicule thrown at him, the man has stood his ground with determination and self belief.

Pakistani Feb 15, 2017 03:09pm

I always supported him. I knew he would be a hit.

Umair chishti Feb 15, 2017 03:18pm

World is coming to end soon it seems

HAMZAH Feb 15, 2017 03:25pm

The more ridiculous things you produce, the more west will love you. Terrible!

jA-Australia Feb 15, 2017 04:34pm

Although I am not a fan of his music, I respect Taher Shah for his determination and for ignoring all the naysayers.

Philosopher(from Japan) Feb 15, 2017 05:32pm

If the US has Trump so we have Tahir Shah.

Faisal Feb 15, 2017 06:19pm

Good luck Taher.

Tunda thakur Feb 15, 2017 06:49pm

Good for him. As for the movie, I say bring it on

jun Feb 15, 2017 08:31pm

I don't know why my gut feelings tell me that Taher and Mano studio is going to be Pakistan's Ambassadors in the world in near future.So we should keep on supporting them in our prayers

Chandra Feb 15, 2017 09:12pm

I am excited for this movie to hit screens

A Tahir Shah Fan Feb 16, 2017 01:23am

Way to go man. Man if your heart is true anything can happen. I believe in you man.

Fowad Feb 16, 2017 01:24am


Pak Khan Feb 16, 2017 01:26am

Watch out Will Smith

Asif Feb 16, 2017 02:23am

I like this guy, he seems very good person.

Akil Akhtar Feb 16, 2017 03:52am

Since when has Valentine's day become an event in Pakistan....

Princess_of_DHUMP Feb 16, 2017 04:06am

Apex film festival is the music video equivalent of Razzi Awards

Deem Australia Feb 16, 2017 05:57am

Oh my God!!!! Like a couple of 2 minutes music videos were not enough to kill artistic sanity :(

MURTAZA Feb 16, 2017 08:45am

I think this is very unfair with taher shah, as we are just taking him and his work as a joke,

Similarly if not exactly a south korean artist got famous for his sensless song gangnam style, similarly an artist son in law of rajni kant who sang kola veri became a sensation.

My point is we should support him, he is different and i am sure many people liked him besides funny criticism, especially its a very catchy tune angels.

Jawaid Islam Feb 16, 2017 09:02am

Uniqueness wins always. His message was good in ANGEL.

mansoor mubeen Feb 16, 2017 10:36am

in my opinion, the supportive comments for taher shah are damaging his personality more. we must tell him, as our brother that there is no short cut to success. please first work hard in the world of music and then come out with such publicity stunts. it is a sheer wastage of resources you are doing. it is definitely parents hard earned money which he is floundering around.

balti Feb 16, 2017 11:51am

we were hoping Nobel prize for him.

AbQurah Feb 17, 2017 02:04pm

OhMG I was wondering why are there grammatical errors in Taher Shah dialogue, the one where he was announcing his upcoming film Nd than I watched that video and got my answer

Iztraab Feb 19, 2017 08:10am

I personally feel his movie is going to be awesome. He came with all this crazy stuff in past to get fame.

ZAFAr Feb 19, 2017 04:03pm

He's the most famous and biggest Pakistani talent in the world.