Published Feb 15, 2017 02:00pm

Taher Shah's Valentine's surprise wasn't a song. It was a film announcement!

Taher Shah with film maker Avai d'Amico
Taher Shah with film maker Avai d'Amico

Viral sensation Taher Shah had promised us a Valentine's Day surprise.

We were curious: was he releasing a song? A music video? Would his luscious locks flow in the wind to celebrate love?

No, fellow Taher Shah...umm... fans? Taher Shah wanted to look you eye to eye (sorry) and tell you about his latest achievement. An award. For 'Angel'. At the Apex Short Film and Music Video Festival in Tucson, Arizona.

Watch it happen here:

The Apex film festival has indeed bestowed Taher Shah with an 'Iconic from the East award' for 'Angel'.

In the video, Taher Shah seems to have made an appearance at the festival, which had the organisers very excited. They even advertised him on their website as a surprise celebrity guest. Did you know it's very very hot in Arizona? We read somewhere extreme heat can lead to delusions.

At the festival, Taher Shah gave updates on the film project he announced in 2015. He said the Eye to Eye movie is happening and will be his Hollywood debut! We swear we aren't making this up.

In conversation with festival coordinator Avai d'Amico, Taher Shah revealed, "Story relate to a love story subject and my company will be produce it. And directed by yourself."

D'Amico, who has signed on as director on Taher Shah's film, confirmed that the project is underway.

So no music video from Taher Shah, but we might see a film some time in the future. Are we happy? Are we sad?


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