What really happened at Trump's inauguration, according to Twitter

Published 21 Jan, 2017 04:04pm

Images Staff

Hamza Ali Abbasi nailed it.

Friday night Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States... and guess what?

Twitter's just not having it.

From the beginning of the inauguration ceremony till the very end, here is how Twitter saw Donald Trump's inauguration.

1) Trump walks in, but forgets something...

2) New first lady Melania falls back on her old ways...

3) And Michelle is not amused

4) The inauguration ceremony began, and here's a nice summary

5) The turnout was... different than at Obama's inauguration

6) There was more missing than one had thought

7) But Hillary Clinton attended to show her... support?

8) Trump gave his speech...

9) But he borrowed a little too much from Batman villain, Bane

10) And this happened

11) Michelle Obama just wasn't having it

12) The highlight of the event?

13) Melania was the star at the inauguration ball, but for the wrong reasons

14) The President and the First Lady danced, but it was... weird?

15) And here's what Pakistani's think of the whole affair

You said it Hamza!