The battle is over, the ballots have been cast and Trump reigned supreme. Yes. Donald Trump is the President elect.

As people woke this morning to the news of Trump as the 45th President of the United States, many were left shocked and grief-stricken, questioning America's choice, and celebrities -- including Pakistani -- were no exception. Horrified and outraged they took to social media to express their sentiments as the news sunk in.

Having repeatedly urged fans and fellow Americans not to vote for Trump, Hollywood found it hard to digest the result.

The Avengers actor Chris Evans couldn't hide his embarrassment:

While his co-star Mark Ruffalo was hopeful and urged Americans to stay strong:

Singer Katy Perry, a staunch Hillary supporter, refused to let the result dampen her spirits:

Things aren't looking up on this side of the border either.

Meesha Shafi shared our sentiments:

Starlet Mahira Khan is just as shocked by the news:

Junoon band member Salman Ahmad spoke the truth:

Jami understands that the struggle is real:

Human Rights activist Asma Jahangir mirrors the pov of many:

Rafia Zakaria takes the opportunity to take a jibe at Pakistani politics:

And Mr. Funnybones Ahmed Ali Butt shared a laugh:

Coming soon! #trumped

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