Update: Karachi Eat's got your parking sorted

Updated 20 Jan, 2017 04:07pm

You're in for a treat (literally, too).

Come rain, come shine, we're destined to satiate our growing hunger for Karachi Eat this weekend and the organisers can feel it -- no wonder they've got a plan of action in motion for us hangry Karachiites.

For the cult following, roads leading to Frere Hall witness maddening traffic during the three days of Karachi Eat and now, after the event was postponed last week due to heavy rain, the food festival's organisers have a few improvements for us to make sure things run smoothly for their fans:

Here's what's happening:

1) For transport, make your life — and other's — easier.

a) Careem it: It's operating at a flat rate of Rs250 from anywhere in Karachi.

b) Carpool: Instead of taking separate cars and meeting friends at KE, why not go together with the whole group? Fit 10 people in one car, it's Pakistan, no one will judge.

2) Park your cars in the red areas

a) YMCA and Open Plot are free parking.

b) Pearl Continental is paid parking.

3) Free shuttle service

There will be a free shuttle service running along the roads adjacent to Frere Hall (the red line on the map). So even if you can't find parking close to Frere Hall, you'll know there's a shuttle service to take you to your destination.

Happy fat weekend to all!