The single most-anticipated festival of the year is today and people can't handle it.

Yes, people, Karachi Eat 2017 is kicking off today and there's only one thing this city loves more than its beaches and food.

Hours before the festival is due to start, hungry (some more like hangry) Karachiites take to Twitter to profess their love for the festival, or lament about it because they bumped into their exes the last time, or because stags aren't allowed.

Here's a glimpse of how this city is losing it when it comes to food -- lots of it and in one place:

On the one hand, there is extreme excitement.

We feel you.

Like, extreme excitement.

Easy on the keyboard, bro.

Some serious calculations were being made.

If you figure that one out, let us know!

Some had other ways to show their commitment.

Some people have their eye on a slightly different prize...

Not judging.

When Karachi Eat reminds guys that being single sucks...

But maybe 'Tex Mex before exes' should be their mantra?

Some were reminded of their love-hate relationship with Karachiites.

Dialling 1-5 for the police in 3..2..1..

'Cos it could also get rowdy...

People are prepping for the cold.

Whatever helps keep the bulge hidden...

'Cos healthy eating will have to wait.

There's always next year.

It's gonna be like Sharmila Faruqi's shaadi, 'cept you gotta pay for your food.

It's the food, darling, not you. It's only for the food

There was also this one scandalous admission:

Shame. Shame. Shame. (GoT style)

WAIT, there's more.

This one is going on the ban list. Stat.

We're just going to shut out the naysayers.