10 Jan, 2017

The title song for Balu Mahi was released yesterday and it was quite a... head-scratcher.

The track's fun and the set up looks light-hearted and bright. But.

No, we didn't hate it, we were just thinking too much. There were questions on our minds that we know might not be answered, but heck, we'll ask 'em anyway.

Here are five questions we had while watching Balu Mahi's song, 'Balu Mahi'.

1) Where is their teacher?

Skirts. Ties. White shirts.

Sorry guys, it doesn't matter if your skirts are sparkly, you look like you're in uniform.

2) Are they trying to imitate 'Lets Nacho'?

Remember Kapoor and sons? Yeah, the video is strongly reminiscent of one of the sets from it. The blue lights, the dance moves. First, their poster came under fire for looking too much like Bajirao Mastani's and now this.


3) "You are most welcome, kehay yeh tera handsome."

One of the lines in a sea of confusing lyrics. Is Osman Khalid Butt the handsome? Is he referring to himself in third person? But most importantly, what does it mean?

4) What's up with the spotlights?

They really want us to believe that this party is lit.

5) Who's the choreographer?

Because...what is this move?

This article is categorised as humour/satire.