Someone ran false news, I'm still working in showbiz, clarifies Arshad Khan

Published 09 Jan, 2017 04:40pm

Irfan Ul Haq

Arshad plans on working towards social causes in the future

Arshad clarifies that he has not dropped out of showbiz.
Arshad clarifies that he has not dropped out of showbiz.

Has overnight sensation Arshad Khan already fallen victim to gossip and false news? Seems like it.

A week ago, reports were ablaze of Arshad dropping his acting career due to his family's reservations after the release of his music video 'Beparwai' alongside Muskan Jay. However, in an interview with Images, he points out that the news was fabricated.

"Earlier, someone ran false news, I have not left showbiz, I'm still working," he clarified, stating that he had fallen sick for a few days and has not dropped out of showbiz. Although his "relatives were upset after the music video was released."

His cousin, Rizwan Kazmi, confirmed that Arshad will continue working on his upcoming film Kabeer, but they're not allowed to speak on the matter further.

He added that he had plans to work towards social causes in Pakistan. "When I become somebody then I can do good, and help the poor and make my country's name proud."

"Insha Allah whatever I do now will be good and the public will like it, and love me the way I have been receiving their love so far," said Arshad.

Here's a message he has for his fans: "To all my fans and friends, I request you to support me, Insha Allah I am with them."