18 tweets that accurately sum up 2016

18 tweets that accurately sum up 2016

Like the rest of the world, we Pakistanis shared a love-hate relationship with 2016.
31 Dec, 2016

Admit it, like the rest of the world, we Pakistanis shared a love-hate relationship with 2016.

We lost some of the world's most iconic people (yes, Amjad Sabri's death still hits home), the Panama Papers revealed truths we preferred not to talk about, Great Britain opted out of the EU, and then there was, y'know, Donald Trump being elected President of the United States... so this year definitely had us feeling low.

Looking back, these tweets pretty much nail 2016 because...

1) After all, 2016 was the year that took away a lot of good stuff and left us with... well, not much

2) It was also the year our bubbles burst and we realised real life kinda sucks

3) Black Friday! Mega Eid sales! It was the year Pakistanis embraced consumerism more than ever before (as if we needed to be worse at money management...)

4) Only intermittent rumours of Imran Khan's third marriage buoyed us...

5) ...until we realised he had more important relationships to focus on

6) It was the year that social media outrage had us hiding from Facebook's wrath

7) It was the year toxic masculinity showed us its terrible power

8) It showed us the bleak future of our country

9) It was the year we favoured 'style' over substance

10) We were forced to consider how, even though Donald Trump was going to radically change America, our relationship with the West was likely gonna stay the same...

11) Coz, you know, we don't care about rules and stuff

12) We hope the last of the traumas die with it

13) We couldn't handle everything thrown at us

14) It also shed light on the unhealthy relationship we share with our celebs

15) It was the year TV shows revealed our social divides

16) It was the year satire hit a little too close to home

17) Still, we gotta have hope... right?

18) And above all, let's hope history doesn't repeat itself

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