This conversation proves even Bilawal Bhutto can't escape the rishta scene

Published 05 Nov, 2016 02:24pm

Images Staff

Ah, the marriage question. It comes around to haunt all of us.

Even Bilawal Bhutto Zardari can't escape the question of marriage.

During a meet with reporters, the child prodigy boasted about his achievements thus far and said he hopes to learn all the languages spoken in Pakistan - in other words, it was all smooth sailing, until an enterprising reporter pounced on him with a question on marriage proposals.

Err.. awkward.

Here's how the exchange took place:

Reporter: "Have you received any marriage offers?"

Bilawal (breaking into an awkward smile): "I have lots of offers! I have lots of offers! But whichever girl decides to marry me, she will have to explain to both my sisters that this will be a very, very difficult task."

This, ladies and gentlemen, is when the PPP star breaks into a sweat, starts rubbing his eyebrows and loses coherence. We almost feel sorry for him. Almostttt.

Bilawal: "I know that my sisters... lovely, lovely, beautiful, beautiful girls, I love them a lot."

Psst, notice Qaim Ali Shah smiling and nodding his head at the back thinking, 'Payback!'

At this point Bilawal starts scratching his ear, trying not to make eye contact and secretly hoping the earth swallows him whole (we know the feeling, Bilawal, we know).

Bilawal: "But it'll be a very difficult task for the girl..."

And here's when he decides he's got to step up his game and waves his finger around to seem like he's got this question down.

Bilawal: "But whichever girl is successful in this task, that means it's her fate and my fate [to be together]."

Add lots of awkward laughs and a blushing Bilawal.

We're guessing he's not used to this. Perhaps someone can coach him on how to answer these questions better, because if this question is causing him so much anxiety then we wonder how he dealt with those 'many' proposals.