Tooba Siddiqui to star in drama about Down syndrome

Tooba Siddiqui to star in drama about Down syndrome

When you're famous, you have the responsibility to spread awareness about important subjects, says Tooba
11 Oct, 2016

Tooba Siddiqui is set to make a comeback on television in upcoming drama Ilteja, which shines the light on the struggles of raising children with Down syndrome.

"My character's a woman who has a child suffering from Down's sundrome. Different events in her life have strained her relationship with her family and friends," shared Tooba with Images.

The story is about her struggle to raise a child on her own without the help of her family or wider society.

"The underlying aim is to create awareness about Down syndrome and how families suffer silently without proper support," said the actor.

It was this strong message in the drama that convinced Tooba to return to TV.

"I was offered a lot of scripts but refused some because I didn't agree with the story or didn't have time to do the serial. I'm raising two beautiful kids of my own, so I like to do exclusive work — one good script in six months or so," explained Tooba.

"Then when producer Sana Shahnawaz called me for this particular script, I had to say yes. Because I feel when you're famous or you have the power to show the world something through TV or media, there comes a responsibility too and for my comeback I had to somehow give an awareness message."

Ilteja will air on ARY Digital and is likely to launch in December.