Mahira Khan just shut down a hater mocking her for working in India

Published 26 Sep, 2016 03:25pm

Images Staff

On a happy picture of Mahira and her son, a commenter said, "You haven't got a beating from India yet"

Mahira Khan finds herself in the centre of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena controversy, as the nationalist party demands that Pakistani artistes wrap up their work in India and leave the country.

While her Bollywood debut's release is a while away, it's one of the films that MNS has threatened to bar from release due to her presence.

And now haters are coming, but Mahira seems ready to take 'em on!

One such troll left a tasteless comment on a photograph of Mahira and her son Azlan as they enjoyed a late-night sesh of power hockey.

Saami786 said, "apko india se abhi danday nahi paray", that is, "You have yet to get a beating from India", implying that her happy times are close to an end.

Mahira, though, had her reply ready: "aap ko apni ammi say parhe hotay toh iss tara ki bakwaas nahi kehte (If you'd been beaten by your mother, you'd know better than to spew such drivel)"

The commenter, who is of Pakistani origin, left a series of comments criticising her choice to work in India, but Mahira's fan club took over and shut him down.

Many fans in India left her heart-warming messages.

Suboohiii said, "Hey Mahira, such a lovely pic. So proud of you, babe. Big fan from across the border. We are all loving [Pakistani] dramas insanely. Don't react to those fools, love. Haters gonna hate anyway. You are doing it all right... [Those Muslims who criticise you for your actions need to examine their own behaviour first.] May Allāh bless you with more success throughout life."

'Enchantress' stressed that her fans from both sides of the border, should put their differences aside: "To be honest being an Indian i feel ashamed that people of our country have such a mentality. We shouldn't have any kinda ill feelings for anyone specially the people who haven't caused any kind of harm to us. They are not to blamed for anything just because of the country they reside in. I do agree that both India and Pakistan share hostile relationships but just give it a thought that whats the difference between all of us. We bleed the same colour, we have the same kind of food, we live on the same planet earth and we breathe in the same air. So please rather playing a blame game learn to respect and appreciate artists for their work and not say anything which is unacceptable and blame them for deeds of other people."

Harinder Jeet said, "So unfortunate to see people bashing each other on a beautiful mother-son photograph. Let no one's hatred affect you, Mahira. You have many admirers and your hard work and dedication to your work will keep inspiring us." :)