Uzair Jaswal to make his TV debut in new ARY drama

Uzair Jaswal to make his TV debut in new ARY drama

Is there anything the Jaswal brothers can't do?
03 Aug, 2016

Following in his brother Umair Jaswal's footsteps, Uzair steps into the on-screen world, and he's here to stay.

The Jaswal brother who has long been associated with the music world, is now branching out to acting. His first on-screen debut in Jalaibee saw him play a cameo, but now he's signed for bigger, meatier roles in film and television.

"I haven't announced it, but I am," the young singer tells Images of his TV serial debut.

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An ARY Production, directed by Nadeem Siddique and produced by Abdullah Seja, Uzair disclosed that his role will see him as a lover, but refused to delve into details.

"I will be playing a tough guy who loves being in love, and would do anything to get things done his way. I can't say much right now," says a tight-lipped Uzair.

"But it's a really nice script by Rabia Razzaq, I'm really nervous so I don't want to say too much about it. Let's see what happens," he adds.

The actor who's starring alongside Neha Rajpoot in the upcoming drama reveals that this project wasn't planned, rather, it happened by chance. "I've been getting offers for TV serials for a year now, but I never took up anything because I was so busy with my music and didn't want to step into TV," he says.

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"Call this an accident or something, but yeah it was very unplanned and last minute. And now I'm doing my first TV play, half way shooting it and it's been a fun learning experience," explains the singer.

But that's not the only thing on his agenda, he's soon set to play the lead role in an upcoming film, the shoot for which will start once he wraps up the drama. In fact, he sees his TV debut as a warm-up, "right in time for my debut film as a leading character."

Uzair is currently shooting for the drama in the Northern areas, near Galliyaat.

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