Is Kareena Kapoor pregnant?

Is Kareena Kapoor pregnant?

Hubby Saif Ali Khan puts the rumours to rest
02 Jul, 2016

She's been dodging the question for a while now, but hubby Saif Ali Khan puts the rumour mill to rest.

Come December, the Ki & Ka heroine will be a mom!

Saif just confirmed to Indian Express that he and Kareena Kapoor are expecting their first child together.

The Bollywood couple tied the knot in a series of grand events in 2012. Saif Ali Khan has two children, Sara (22) and Ibrahim (14) from his first wife, Amrita Singh.

When she was asked about her pregnancy earlier, Kareena responded with a view of how that could affect her career: "Everyone has to ask me if I am pregnant or not. It is amazing, everywhere I go, even normal people are asking me. I think it is fine you know, I honestly don't feel bad about it or I don't even judge people for making comments or saying things like may be, is she, is she not. Of course, I have never denied the fact that motherhood is a part of me. I don't want to be the PM or President of USA, I don't want to own the world but I definitely look forward to having a child."

She added, "I have always said, I will work after marriage. I got married and I am still working. Now I am saying I will still have a child and my work will never suffer."

Kareena enjoyed a good year with two prominent releases - Ki and Ka opposite Arjun Kapoor and the controversial Udta Punjab. We wish her a happy motherhood and great years ahead!


mandy Jul 02, 2016 02:43pm
Congrats Kareena kapoor and saif kapoor.
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Iftikhar Husain Jul 02, 2016 05:05pm
Congratulation to become Mom.
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RAO Jul 04, 2016 10:42am
@mandy Saif ALI khan Not Kapoor. In fact Kareena is also Khan Now
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