With this image, Banksy highlights the sad truth about terrorism in Pakistan and Turkey

With this image, Banksy highlights the sad truth about terrorism in Pakistan and Turkey

Does anyone care about the victims of terrorism in the two countries?
Updated 30 Jun, 2016

British street artist Banksy has highlighted the plight of Muslims in the world by sharing a strong image on Twitter following the deadly bombings at Istanbul's Atatürk Airport.

The graffiti artist tweeted a picture of Pakistan and Turkey's battered, bloodied flags with two people, one from each country, hugging each other. Meanwhile, flags of France and Belgium are surrounded by people and media personnel.

Many others also shared the same image, stating that the two countries, who are also facing the terrible consequences of terrorism, have not been given enough media coverage.

Hamza Ali Abbasi was one of them.

Others shared a variation of the same image.

However, a few had a slightly different take on the subject:


dudenator Jun 30, 2016 11:43am
Would be nice to understand the reason why that image was made and why people are not sympathizing with the Pakistanis and Turks.
Taimur Jun 30, 2016 01:34pm
Pakistan and Turkey must try to understand why does it happen
Taimoor Khan Jun 30, 2016 01:46pm
It is not just Pakistan or Turkey but whole Muslim world is at receiving end at the hands of very dubious and secret wave of terrorism since 9/11 yet not one leader in whole Muslim world as yet has stood up, explain and build the narrative on global scale as to who is actually behind these foot soldiers who commit these acts of terrorism. Who is actually behind the likes of ISIS or TTP? If truth is spoken, masks will come off from those who have build this false pretext themselves about Islam and Islamophobia.
shubs Jun 30, 2016 01:58pm
This image only states half of the story. The other half is about the terrorists themselves. Who promotes, funds, trains, shelters, uses them for political gains, provides them political cover? As has been repeated over and over and over again, you cannot set others' houses on fire and demand sympathy when your own house burns down in the process. So, no Banksy and Pakistanis, it is not racism, not elitism. It is just that the world has had enough of double games. The international community is not going to be fooled any more.
Pushkar Jun 30, 2016 06:18pm
I completely agree with Mr. Ghias.
Zak Jul 01, 2016 02:10am
@dudenator because western media drives the agenda and non western countries do not matter for them.
bharath Jul 01, 2016 06:29am
That is because Turkey has been the key transit point for the IS terrorists and they had done little or nothing about it. Meaning they had a chance to avert it by preventing the free movement of IS terrorists, but they turned a blind eye.