The perfect job? Queen Elizabeth's social media manager will earn £50,000

The perfect job? Queen Elizabeth's social media manager will earn £50,000

As the Queen turns 90, will we see her upping her social media game?
21 Apr, 2016

As the Queen turns 90 today she's taking the opportunity to up her game on social media. Who knew!

According to The Independant and the monarchy's website, the Queen is looking to hire someone to manage her online accounts, and is willing to pay them up to £50,000.

The chosen candidate should understand that "the reaction to our work is always high-profile, and so reputation, brand and impact will be at the forefront of all you do."

The Queen currently has a following on Twitter that is over 2 million strong. She joined Twitter two years ago and kicked off her debut with this tweet:

The job listing underscores how well-known figures, even those who wouldn't traditionally dabble with technology, have come to understand the importance of having a social media presence. For example, even the Pope has a Twitter account.

We wonder how much his social media manager gets paid.


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Mirza waqar Baig Apr 21, 2016 09:43pm
I really want to be online account manager, kindly just give me a chance do to your job Thankyou
Hazrat ali Apr 27, 2016 11:25pm
I honestly and warmly want to be your online account manager please give me chance to do your job. Thank you and regards