Sharmeen stole my idea to make 'A Girl in the River', says Syed Noor

Published 01 Mar, 2016 08:00pm

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Noor says the Oscar winning director stole the idea and name from his 2011 movie 'Price of Honour.'

Noor, a Lollywood veteran, says he will not pursue the matter legally.─ Photo: Dawn
Noor, a Lollywood veteran, says he will not pursue the matter legally.─ Photo: Dawn

LAHORE: Veteran Lollywood director Syed Noor accused Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy of copying his idea and name to make the movie which brought her a second Oscar within two years, DawnNews reported on Tuesday.

The director of famous film 'Choorian' claimed that Chinoy not only stole the central idea but also the name and script from a film he made about two years ago.

Noor's movie was named 'Price of Honour', released in 2011.

Answering a question, Noor said he will not legally pursue the matter but he is disheartened to note that the idea and the name was copied but he was not given due credit.

Speaking on the issue, Lollywood actor Moammar Rana criticised Chinoy for 'bringing bad name to Pakistan' through her movie and dared her to make a movie on the affectees of drone strikes on Pak-Afghan border region.

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Sharmeen Chinoy was awarded an Oscar on Monday, her second for Pakistan, in the category of Best Documentary - Short Subject for the documentary A Girl in the River, which follows the life of an 18-year-old girl who is a survivor of an honour killing attempt.

Noor's movie, 'The Price of Honour' revolved around a brave girl from an impoverished background who challenges the existing status quo with noble deeds, education and human rights awareness.

She was threatened of dire consequences by the powerful landlord mafia but they cannot defeat her courage and determination.

Ultimately, she is subjected to severe punishments and is publicly humiliated. Rakhshi’s character was portrayed as a courageous woman who dares to defy the odds.

Chinoy previously won the Academy Award for her documentary 'Saving Face' at the 84th Annual Academy Awards in 2012.

Trailer of Syed Noor's 'Price Of Honour'
Trailer of SOC Films 'A Girl in the River'