Heat getting to your skin? Here are 3 natural ways to combat an oily complexion

Heat getting to your skin? Here are 3 natural ways to combat an oily complexion

Pantry items like bananas, coconut oil and eggs are all that you need for a refreshing face mask
Updated 23 Oct, 2015

Since summer is still in full swing, women with oily skin are plagued by different skin problems.

Even if you find using a moisturiser difficult in this heat, you cannot do away with moisturising entirely. Here are three simple, homemade face masks that help women with oily skin, and anyone else in the mood for some extra special (yet inexpensive) pampering.

1. Banana bliss

Method: Mash a medium ripe banana and apply it to your face and neck for 10 to 20 minutes; rinse off with cold water. Add a quarter cup of yoghurt for a natural bleaching effect and two tablespoons of honey (a natural humectant, it naturally attracts and retains moisture).

Benefits: Not only will this help moisturise, it will also leave your skin softer, brighter and plumper. Oh, and try not mistake your face mask for a smoothie!

2. Coconut craze

Method: If you use coconut oil for your hair, now is the time to give this amazing ingredient a makeover. Add half a cup of coconut oil to two cups of raw brown sugar, one cup of olive oil and one tablespoon of honey; pour the mixture into a wide-mouthed jar and keep it in the shower. Apply it all over your face and body and then rinse; you can use this up to three times a week.

Benefits: It's a perfect combo of exfoliation and moisturising.

3. Eggalicious

Method: For oily skin, separate the yolk from the white, and add lemon and honey to the white. Apply to the skin for 30 minutes and then rinse.

Benefits: Eggs are a super food in more ways than one. While many people use eggs to moisturise dry hair, they also have the same effect on the skin.

A word of caution: If you have acne prone or problem skin, please consult your dermatologist before using these remedies.

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Shaam سے Oct 23, 2015 01:45pm
Eat less meat or no meat for blemish-less skin.