Five of PM Shehbaz’s most memorable fashion statements on his 71st birthday

Five of PM Shehbaz’s most memorable fashion statements on his 71st birthday

The premier loves colour and making a statement and here are some of our favourites.
23 Sep, 2022

If there’s one thing that’s very unique about Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif it’s his sense of style. From his mustard or khaki coloured safari suits to the rather fabulous hats he has donned, his outfits have long been on our radar of most interesting politicians.

His sense of style may have become muted after taking office as premier but we still have a lot of his looks to examine from his pre-PM years.

As the PM turns 71 years old today, here are some of his looks that made it to our list.

This safari suit combo

PM Shehbaz is known for his safari suits but when he wore this combo — a magenta shirt with khaki pants — we were shook. We’re used to seeing monotone safari suits — have we ever seen a PM wear so much colour during an official meeting before? And to top it all off were a pair of magenta socks that matched his shirt perfectly. The attention to detail was impeccable!

A sunny cable-knit sweater

This was a pre-PM look but just look at the vibrance of that sweater. We love it! We probably wouldn’t have paired it with charcoal pants and an olive green blazer, but you do you, PM Shehbaz.

THAT hat

 Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

What’s that? A hat! A crazy, funky junky, hat! If you know PM Shehbaz, you know the man loves his hats. This hat is one of our favourites — especially paired with his light blue suit. How’s that for a fashion statement?

A textured blazer? check!

Plain blazers likely don’t sit well with the premier, and we don’t blame him, especially when he has pieces like this in his closet! The man knows his colour palette really well. His striped crinkled blazer with sky blue shirt and black tie was a simple yet eye-catching statement.

Sherwani and statement buttons

How could we forget the bling on PM Shehbaz’s sherwani he wore on his oath-taking day. His black sherwani adhered to the traditionally sombre vibe of premiers of the past but he added a special something with his silver embellished buttons.